BIODROGA, ZYDERMA HS and Bio Sculpture Nails at Envy Medispa

Biodroga has a broad selection of products that allows you to customize your facial regimen to address your unique skin needs. Pampering yourself, relaxing and feeling beautiful while giving skin the care it deserves.Highly effective biological ingredients form the primary basis for Biodroga Systems products. In addition, the use of cutting-edge bioengineered ingredients.  This unique combination forms the basis for the unmatched position Biodroga Systems holds on the European skin care market. Biodroga Systems has the ideal care programs for body, spirit and soul.

day&night FaceMasks&Exfoliators  
cleansers&toners Facialtreatments


For Acne-Prone & Problem Skin

  • Works to balance the skin’s natural micro flora to help support & strengthen the skin’s own healing abilities
  • Free of side effects
  • Safe for all skin types

Bio Sculpure Gel

  • Everlasting Mani
  • 5 Star Safety Rating
  • No fumes, odor or dust